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Advisory Board


Cindy Hollenbeck

Clinical and research background and love of natural remedies.  Worked extensively with thought leaders in the respiratory field as a Medical Science Liaison and Research and Speaker Consultant for Merck & Co Inc. A Clinical Scientist for Predictive Genetics & DNA Diagnostics, a company that I founded in 2002 to test the proficiency and accreditation of different genetic disease markers. Clinical Scientist for Parke-Davis, responsible for making sure medical facilities was compliant in study details, patient confidentiality, sample collection, and ensuring all clinical standards as dictated by their licensing agency were being met

Paul Flynn

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and on the medical staff at Sparrow Hospital. Introducing Halotherapy to his practice to aid in stress reduction prior to surgery.

Dr. Raleigh Duncan

Dr Duncan was one of the early pioneers in the infrared sauna industry and has led Clearlight Saunas to a leadership position over the last 19 years.  He is very experienced in designing systems to help heal the body, the creation of health products from inception to execution, manufacturing and quality control. He also holds several patents.  He has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as a BS in Science, Life West Chiropractic, Regents College. Dr Duncan has been instrumental in the joint product development with Halotherapy Solutions LLC of the Halo-IR—the first custom-designed product that combines Halotherapy and InfraRed.

Kenny Kong

Kenny has run Salt Therapy Centre, Breathe Better Salt Rooms, in Frankston, Australia for 5 years.  This is the most successful salt therapy business in Australia with marketing techniques that can be used anywhere.

Prior to salt therapy, Kenny worked for 21 years at Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia where his last position was Assistant Casino Manager , Table Games.

Kenny has first hand experience with salt therapy,  In July 2013, he became sick with acute bronchitis for about 9 months where he was on multiple antibiotics nearly daily..  Kenny committed to salt therapy for just over 3 months attending 5 sessions a week. In the first couple of months his health and "all day, every day" cough and asthma was relieved as well as his thick green congestion.  This was his impetus to look into salt therapy. Kenny threw in his job at Crown Casino and joined the salt therapy revolution.

Kathleen Slonager 1
Lisa Starr

Kathleen Slonager

Ms. Slonager is CEO of Transformational Health, PC– a holistic health care practice devoted to homeopathy.  As a Board Certified Classical Homeopath she is excited to help people restore health and vitality utilizing the therapeutic principles of homeopathy.

She is also the Executive Director of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – Michigan Chapter, a non-profit charity dedicated to education and training for all those affected by asthma and allergies, as well as the professionals that take care of them. 

In 2013, she was awarded the AAFA Chapter Innovation Award from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, in recognition of a home care program for families dealing with asthma and allergies.  Additionally, she is the co-author or the AAFA Wee Breathers™ and the Asthma Care for Adults™ asthma management programs.

With over 25 years experience, Kathleen is a passionate patient advocate and health educator with expertise in asthma and allergy management, complementary and alternative medicine modalities, disease management, quality assurance, and health promotion and hopes to light a spark in others and is passionate about providing evidence - informed health information to aid consumers on their own health and wellness journey.


Lisa Starr

Lisa Starr is the Principal of Wynne Business Consulting & Education, which specializes in spa, wellness & salon businesses. Starr has over 35 years of experience in the beauty & wellness industry, spending the last 18 years as a consultant and educator, helping owners and operators of spas and wellness facilities maximize their operations performance in both front and back of house, while providing exceptional experiences for clients and guests. Her particular areas of focus include operations, finances & staff compensation, marketing, inventory management, retailing, human resource & leadership development, and business process improvement. Starr is the Task Force Chair for the Global Wellness Institute’s Consulting Initiative, a Contributing Editor at Dayspa Magazine, a regular contributor to global trade publications, a highly-rated speaker at ISPA and beauty industry conferences, and offers live spa management courses across the globe, as well as through an online learning portal.  Follow her on Twitter @StarrTalk, on Instagram @WynneBusiness, or email


WHA Ambassadors

We are proud to announce our growing team of newly appointed WHA Ambassadors dedicated to inspiring, supporting, educating and creating connections across the globe.  If you are passionate about helping build the halotherapy community globally and interested in a more active role within the WHA, please reach out.

'Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.'  Henry Ford


Connie NG - AUSTRALIA - Founder The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary

Connie’s key areas of focus in Halotherapy are: Respiratory, Skin Health, Sports Performance, Sports Recovery, Pain Management, Relaxation, Sleep and Natural Therapy.

Connie is very keen to create awareness and share the natural healing benefits of Halotherapy

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Kelly Leblond - FRANCE- Owner Aerosel Halotherapie

Five years ago, Kelly dreamt of owning her own salt room and introducing dry salt therapy to the French. A long-time sufferer of sinus congestion, Kelly believes that halotherapy should be viewed as a preventive measure in healthcare. She intends to combine halotherapy with other holistic treatments in her new wellness business. She enjoys hosting workshops that bring like-minded people together.


Ryan Dodson - UNITED STATES - The Salt Suite - CEO

Through franchising, Ryan has a history of helping business owners achieve their dreams.  He has carried this expertise to the salt therapy.  Ryan and his partner Tiffany purchased The Salt Suite from their founders back in 2019 and through this year grew The Salt Suite by 50%.  They are looking to continue their growth by bringing the benefits of salt therapy across the United States.