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Certification Test and Resources

  • Access to become a WHA Certified Facility
  • Test the particle size and percent humidity of your facility with a lab-calibrated aerosol instrument that measures particle sizes of 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 microns.
  • Background knowledge training on the disease states in which Halotherapy treats.
  • Give your customers the assurance that they are getting and the quality they expect.
  • Contact Dr. Hollenbeck at to schedule your facility certification.

If you are applying for World Halotherapy Certification,  you must first complete the following.  Certifications are only available in the continental US at this time.

  • Submit Payment
  • Background Assessment
  • Application

You will then be contacted with details for particle size inspection.

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Please click the button below to begin the WHA certification process.


What is the mission of the WHA?

A physician backed, independent association to ensure a global standard of excellence in the Halotherapy industry. The WHA will assist in the appropriate practice of Halotherapy to affect the utmost safety and highest standards in the application of the treatment. Our goal is to train, educate and support Haloprenuers in a deeper understanding of the disease state, help ensure equipment performs properly and aid in the successful execution of business operations.

Who started the WHA?

Dr Cindy Hollenbeck, President and Founder of WHA, has worked extensively with thought leaders in the respiratory field as a Medical Science Liaison and Research and Speaker Consultant for Merck & Co Inc. She was a Clinical Scientist for Predictive Genetics & DNA Diagnostics, a company that she founded in 2002 to test the proficiency and accreditation of different genetic disease markers. Additionally, Dr. Hollenbeck was a Clinical Scientist for Parke-Davis, responsible for making sure medical facilities were compliant in study details, patient confidentiality, sample collection, and ensuring all clinical standards as dictated by their licensing agency were being met.

Why was the WHA started?

My extensive respiratory science background had me asking questions few could answer with any degree of certainty. I started my own research into the industry and found that there were many owners and operators with a limited working knowledge of the disease states in which Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) treats. One of my concerns was for consumers with a more compromised respiratory tract using salt therapy with little understanding of how it may affect them. Damage in the epithelial layer can cause a twitchy airway making exposure to salt too quickly or in too high a concentration concerning.


In order to offer Halotherapy in a safe and effective environment, my thought was there had to be some level of standardization. Both to protect the consumer and to best equip owners and operators with the ability to adequately support their patrons. Additionally, with the rapid rise of the industry, not all Halotherapy technology is the same. Is the particle size milled small enough to get into the distal airways where much of the inflammation resides? What is the proper micron size? I was determined to find these answers and many others to aid and assist those in the Halotherapy industry.

How will I get access to my membership benefits?

Access to all of your membership benefits will be available through your membership portal after you join. Depending on your membership level, you will be able to access all of your material including monthly webinars, training collateral and much more.

Will the material be updated on an ongoing basis?

Yes you will have real time access to the most current material and much of it will be updated monthly with new information. This includes podcasts, monthly Webinars, Featured Facilities, “Ask the Expert”, research, trends, press coverage and media.

Is there information to help me learn the business?

Yes, the WHA will equip you with a complete business plan to include market trends, analysis and return on investment (ROI). You will learn the history of Halotherapy, different ways to offer treatment and what the medical community has to say. Your membership will include training on the disease state, marketing and social media and who benefits from Halotherapy.

Will I have access to other Halotherapy operators?

Yes, you will have access to other owners and operators for insight and best practices, Halotherapy forums and a membership directory when it becomes available.

Is the WHA a non-profit?

No, the WHA is not a “non-profit”, but 5% of the membership proceeds will be donated to “Direct Relief”, a non-profit organization to help people from around the world who have been affected by natural disasters.

Is the WHA owned by a for profit company or one of the Halotherapy Companies?

No, the WHA is a completely independent association. Our goal is to partner with all Halotherapy companies in the support of Halopreneurs around the world.

What is the process to becoming a WHA “Certified Facility”?

We will test the particle size and humidity levels of your cave, room or equipment. You will also have access to disease state background and knowledge training through your portal so you have a deeper understanding of the conditions in which Halotherapy treats.

How do I know the WHA measuring devise is accurate?

The WHA uses highly accurate certified ISO lab calibrated aerosol instruments and measuring devices. The device will test your facility before and after the halogenerator is in operation to obtain the most accurate measurements.

Why should I become a WHA “Certified Facility”?

Halotherapy is not an exact science but we can help to ensure you are equipped to offer your clients and customers the safest and most reliable environment possible. When customers see the WHA seal, they will know that the environment has been evaluated for quality of output and the owner/operator has been trained on the disease states in which Halotherapy treats to ensure the safety of treatment. For example, folks with more compromised lungs can have very twitchy airways and will therefore need to be introduced to salt at a lower concentration over a longer treatment period.
Peace of mind for both you and your customers!

Can you obtain WHA Certification without being a member?

Yes you can, and the price would be $325.  Please contact us at for additional details.