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To be considered send us an e-mail ( and tell us a bit about yourself.  Why do you think you should be our "Featured Facility"; how long have you been in business; what services, aside from Halotherapy, do you offer; where are you located; one thing you like the most about our WEB site AND send us a few pictures.

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The Salt Therapy Clinic and Sanctuary, located in Australia is our Featured Facility.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is founded by Connie Ng in March 2020 in the capital city of Australia. As a sinusitis and eczema sufferer, she has enjoyed the healing benefits of undergoing Halo-therapy (Dry Salt Therapy) treatment sessions. The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is situated within the leading wellness collective, Rest and Recovery Centre. With a gym on site, the Rest and Recovery Centre offers a full suite of relaxation and sports recovery services that includes infrared sauna, floatation tanks, air relax compression garments rental, cryo-freeze and remedial massage. Connie is pleased to be the latest addition to add to the repertoire of complementary services at the Rest and Recovery Centre.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is currently the only Salt Therapy clinic in Canberra. She is very keen to create awareness and share the natural healing benefits of Halo-therapy to assist a wide range of people within the Canberra community such as athletes, children, the elderly, wellness practitioners and people with respiratory and skin conditions or undergoing mental stress. Her mission is to create a good vibes only safe space that is calming and peaceful for people to come in to breathe, relax and heal.

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