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New information coming for 2020 - more pilot studies, new rack cards to include pilot study results and particle size certification webinars! Tentative 2020 Symposium date is October 12th-13th

Featured Facility

To be considered send us an e-mail ( and tell us a bit about yourself.  Why do you think you should be our "Featured Facility"; how long have you been in business; what services, aside from Halotherapy, do you offer; where are you located; one thing you like the most about our WEB site AND send us a few pictures.


SALT WORKS SPA, located in Bel Air, Maryland, is our Featured Facility.

Hi, my name is Lauren Moseley and I own Salt Works Spa. I have been working in the medical field as an X-ray technologist since 1996. I launched into this field because I love learning about health. My true passion however, is exploring Alternate Holistic approaches for overall health, disease prevention and well-being.

I created Salt Works Spa to help with everyday stress and overall wellness.  I believe in what I termed, "Purposeful Care"!  Purposeful care is placing yourself in an environment to "purposefully care" for yourself.  In an environment where you will succeed!

Stress is at an all time high these days and getting gift certificates on Holidays and Birthdays, although amazing, only put a tiny dent in our day-to-day stress. Enter Salt Works Spa... where we offer Affordable Luxury!  Now that ability to deal with the day in and day out stress just got a lot easier and a lot less expensive!!

We opened 2 weeks ago and the community response has been wonderful!

When reviewing potential Facility of the Month entries what we really liked about Salt Works Spa was their comment “It just makes sense!”  Halotherapy does make sense!!

Please check them out at

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